Community Bible Baptist Church

Fellowship Bible Classes

Sunday School


Our Sunday morning Adult Fellowship Bible classes are meant to help the believer delve deeper into God’s Word to build a solid foundation for his faith. We understand that not every person learns the same way. That is why we provide you with a wide array of options when it comes to your class. Feel free to hop between classes and try out new ones! We want you to find where you fit best!

Legacy Bible Class

Leader: Pastor Stancil | Location: Jabez Auditorium

The Legacy Bible Class will be designed after the model of a Discovery Bible Study. We will look at a passage of scripture each week and discuss its importance to us as we find what the passage says about God, man, and our individual responsibility to the passage.

Heritage Bible Class

Leader: Mike Austin | Location: BH 201

The Heritage Bible Class offers adults of all ages an enjoyable time of discovering our rich biblical heritage and learning how to preserve it for generations to come. Practical instruction is given to make the most of our lot in life by applying principles from God’s Word.

CornerStone Bible Class

Leader: Dr. Harry Mills | Location: Jabez N105

Our interactive discussion-based Bible study format focuses on application of biblical truths and spiritual principles for personal development. We build relationships through prayer-partnerships, fellowship, and outside social activities. (Adults 50+)

Grace & Truth Bible Class

Leader: David Hall | Location: MCA 101

We seek to provide an atmosphere for spiritual growth, fellowship, encouragement, and activities.

Glory Bound Bible Class

Leader: Hasina Rampersaud | Location: BH 202

We are a group of imperfect women of different ages and seasons of life, empowered by a perfect God. Each week, we study God’s Word as we discover His Will for our lives and share practical life applications as we strive to live out the Gospel. This class has biblical instruction coupled with fun socials throughout the year. (Adult Women Class)

Young Adults Fellowship

Leader: Collin Mcfarland | Location: BH 303

Our goal is to dive into the truths of God’s Word and promote a life of discipleship and surrender to the Lord Jesus.

Hidden Treasures Bible Class

Leader: Josh O’Hair | Location: MCA 102

We are aiming to learn the scriptures in order to get to know our Savior better. We do that through the biblical directive to study and rightly divide scripture.

Rooted in Christ Bible Class

Leader: Mark Lind | Location: BH 104


Faith Bible Class

Leader: Rick Boswell | Location: Barnard Hall


Christian Character Bible Class

Leader: Bill Martin | Location: BH 301


Building Hope Bible Class

Leader: Jason Greitzer | Location: MCA 103



Our Sunday morning Youth Fellowship Bible Classes are dedicated to teaching and training young disciples of Christ. Through studying God’s Word in a Christ-centered curriculum, one can entrust that his child will be hearing a wide variety of topics that he can use through the rest of his life!

Senior High Bible Class

Leader: Nick Guffey | Location: MCA Auditorium

Our 9-12th grade class is designed to help our youth not only grow in the Word of God but to also desire to live for God.


Junior High Bible Class

Leader: Ryan Rockefeller | Location: MCA 104

Our class is designed for 7th-8th grade boys and girls, and our desire is to teach them to live their lives according to the Bible, continually growing a stronger personal relationship with Christ every day.


4th-6th Grade Boys

Leader: Scott Earl | Location: Jabez S 102

We are focused on teaching 4th-6th grade boys to grow in faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.


4th-6th Grade Girls

Leader: June Pendleton | Location: Jabez S 104


1st-3rd Grade Boys

Leader: Dale Davis | Location: Jabez S 101


1st-3rd Grade Girls

Leader: Staci Earl | Location: Jabez S 103

Our goal is to teach girls Bible truths and principles!


Precious In his Sight Class

Leader: Tina Minnick and Julie Seddon | Location: BH 103

(Special Needs Class) To love each individual no matter their abilities, to engage, include and share God’s love with each class member, to make them a part of our family.

Four year olds –
“Little Explorers”

Leader: Sherry Wagner | Location: Jabez N 104

(Four year olds and kindergarten) Exploring God’s love and power!


Three Year olds

Leader: Jenny Farley | Location: Jabez N 103

One & Two year Olds

Leader: Jenny Farley | Location: Jabez N 102



Leader: Jenny Farley | Location: Jabez N 101